A white label Accounting platform disrupts a traditional book keeping applications

The Journey of Accounting App

A2z creation a solution providing company, sought a team that would build an accounting application to bridge the gap between Vendor (Creditors) providers, Customers and Consumers in India for different business Verticals. While A2Z wished to focus on marketing of the application, we wanted to hire a dependable team that could develop a quick prototype for users. Team A2z welcomed the challenge.

Can we create an app that would transform a traditional FMCG and Other business verticals which are unorganized in market and today valued at $1 trillion?

In our attempt at finding answers to this question, we devoured business verticals in the fields of hospitality, medical, retail, manufacturing and technology and realized that non-accounting of day-to-day business transactions affected their businesses directly due to want of right application. We contacted these enterprises – our end-users – to take us through the business process that we intended to ease out through the application. We decided to build an application in which even if the vendor forgot to receive payment, the system would suggest a reminder to collect payments from customers who has the credit account in application.

Our Features

Reporting and analysis

Statistics of accounting Information is power in today's competitive business domain. Our accounting program you assess must have strong reporting and analysis potential. We help users to gain insights into crucial financial undertaking, reporting and analysis functions help small and big companies conform to new government and industry regulations.

Automatic updates

Using old accounting software and apps is like eating food that has passed its expiration date. The hazardous proposition or hypothesis that could result in severe sickness. New Tax laws, regulations and financial practices comes over time, so it's essential to use software and apps that provide fast, user-transparent, automatic updates.


With strong hard work, and perhaps some good luck, your business will be huge and more profitable with the years ahead. Look for a product that accommodates, or can be easily upgraded to accommodate, a progressively larger number of users and a growing amount of financial data and transactions. Ask vendors about their programs' limits in these areas.

Our Features

Digitally connect communities and Search Helper

Helper App enables you to connect to various different communities like Collocated Apartments with Common pool of Domestic Helpers, Employee Staff, Multi location Offices etc. Search Helper option for background Check before allowing the Helper to your premises.

Profile Management and Reports

Helper App provides easiest ways to register the Employees workforce in centralized database, all Employees data will validates with the Identity proof submitted before making live in the system.

The records of all the Employees

Status Management and Vendor Management: Helper App provides a mechanism to register complaints, Mark Blacklist and suspend Helpers. This helps monitoring the users for all the locations. A Digitalized way to keep visitor management list automatically saved in terminals