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What is SEO and how it is helpful for you?

By: Raj Jain 0208

There is a rising competition in designing and development field and making an average everyday website won’t get the job done for you. A2Z Creation, a web designing and development company from Indore is listing the elements of that you must work on while making a website.

Visual Design

This is the first and foremost thing to consider as design of the website is the first thing that people will notice. Design should be simple, attractive and unique. You will also have to create astonishing graphics for your website. As A2Z Creation is one of the best web designing company of Indore, you can check out some of our designs for reference.


A great website must have a great content. Content should be to the point, meaningful and engaging. Describe your products or services thoughtfully with catchy words, but don’t over-do it. Remember it’s not an advertisement. Lengthy content may bore the readers, so keep that in mind.

User Interface

Although UI is a part of visual design, but we are mentioning it separately because it can be a game changer. No one likes a complicated UI. Remember how Google search became popular overnight just because of its simple user interface? Rediff and Yahoo used to be popular back then but they had a complicated UI. When Google entered in the market, it kept its UI very user friendly, and gained immense popularity over the years.